Business policy

We all know that "Necessity knows no law". Moreover, necessity is the key to invent the new thing. Due to the lack of time, and options, people cannot research, or analyze their necessary products, though it's an era of globalization. Our vision is to minimize these lackings, and achieve the trust from customers all of the world.

Our working procedures are mentioned below,

Disclaimer  : We do not sell, or source urgently needed products for our customers. Because, we need time to source the best quality, but the cheapest products for our customer. Besides, after confirming the product, and price with shipping cost, it will take time to deliver the product at their door step of customers.

To know the customer's necessity: 
You all know it's not possible to show all the products in one page, while customers will not visit our website to find their product by browsing number of pages, or search by the keywords. So, please let's know which is your required product.
We will offer the price including shipping cost: 
After getting the product detail from customer, we will source product, and quote price including shipping charges.
We need  partial advance payment for new customer: 
After getting confirmation from customer that they agree to buy their asking product from us then we will request a partial payment as advance if the customer is new for us. But we will not ask any advance payment if a customer bought any product from us earlier.
Return policy : 
Although we will be so sorry if our customer will not be satisfied after getting their product in hand, but customer is allowed to return the faulty product after checking it in front of our delivery person. 
Shipping method: 
We will import/delivery your product by either sea, or air as per your instruction.